"In this dark and uncertain time in our nation, we need solid leaders in the faith community who will defend our freedoms and advocate our constitutional rights. Derrick Gates has been a well-known faith leader to our nation for 20 years. With his strong convictions and his experience as a corporate mediator, Derrick will help lead a movement to shift the United States Congress back to its founding principles. I believe that Derrick Gates will fight for your God-given rights, and that is why I endorse Derrick Gates for United States Congress." 
- Ché Ahn 
Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry


“Derrick Gates is an imperfect man. He has made mistakes. He has faced the struggles that so many Californians are facing. But he has also overcome these obstacles through a radical interaction with the Lord. His life story and his life’s work is what makes him the type of person we need in Washington D.C., representing the 33rd Congressional District. The voters of the 33rd District can trust that Derrick will represent all people and represent them well. He is a common-sense Christian conservative leader, who will defend our constitutional rights and work to instill good government for all, not good government for some. It is our honor to issue our first endorsement of the 2022 election cycle to Derrick Gates.”


Derrick embodies the values we hold dear at CCR. Our organization proudly represents the Trump wing of the Republican Party, and we are dedicated to protecting conservative political thought through activism and campaigning. Derrick is most importantly pro-life and pro-2A, while his opponents are not, so we are proud to back Derrick in his candidacy to forward the conservative movement.