Derrick has conservative values and an ability to see them reestablished in our communities. Derrick Mentors multicultural leaders from around the United States. Derrick desires to raise Bold, Moral, Men, and Women of Integrity to lead our country. 




We are losing our rights at a rapid pace to practice our god-given inalienable right to worship how, when, and where we want. Not only those that choose to practice the Christian faith but also all faiths are threatened to fall to a draconian government that does not adhere to the constitution and declaration of independence.

We also see a major tyrannical shift in censorship, by government officials and the big tech overlords. We must put safeguards in place to protect your 1st amendment rights to free speech. This is not only those that believe like me but also those that believe in other ideologies. Right, Left, BLM, Antifa, Christians, Muslims, and any other group should have the same rights to voice their opinion openly and without fear of censorship. 


It's clear from the 2nd amendment that our forefathers had a very clear understanding that unarmed citizens were a danger to our very existence. 
We must stop with the never-ending disarming and regulating of guns in California and the United States. I do believe that we should have some healthy measures to ensure that those purchasing guns at least have some sort of training with guns. Two things come to mind when I think about this. The first is this, I had to take a hunters safety course as a young man before I was allowed to get a hunting license, it was a one day course to make sure that I learned to handle a firearm safely. The second thing is that taking guns from responsible citizens will never take guns from criminals. Living a younger life of crime, I never knew a criminal that had a legal gun. 


Our economy in California is quickly slipping into a very dark place. Companies are leaving, the cost of living is rising, housing is off the charts and our local and state governments could care less. We must secure tax breaks, deregulations, and incentives to save the jobs we have and to attract companies to move back to California to further stimulate our economy.


The homeless epidemic in California is the worst in the United States and possibly the world. Being recognized by the UN, W.H.O, and many other organizations as an injustice to humanity. I personally have worked with the homeless, addicts, and those getting out of prison for almost 20 years. We have developed programs to inspire those that are down and out to strive for a better life, take their life back, and be a productive citizen. 


Immigration is something close to my heart. I love the fact that our country was founded, built, and continues to grow with cultures from around the world. Immigration is who we are, but illegal immigration is killing our nation. I plan to work with bipartisan representatives to fast track a pathway to citizenship and help the road to the American dream be a smoother ride. Everyone deserves a shot, but we should all do it legally.